ATTENTION Re: COVID-19 Pandemic and Implications on AAPTA Face to Face events 


UPDATE - 22/03/2020 5pm

Hope everyone of you, your family and friends are keeping well. 

As you are aware, all the face to face events had to be cancelled due to the social distancing rule in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus. 

We are delighted to inform you that, AAPTA will now be offering online (webinar mode) sessions to continue to support our members and all overseas physiotherapists with their preparation for APC exams. 

Please visit our events page for details. Alternatively please check our facebook group for the latest updates.

UPDATE - 18/03/2020 5pm

Dear AAPTA Community and relevant stakeholders, 

Hope everyone of you, your friends and family are keeping well, healthy and strong during this uncertain and unprecedented period of our lives being caused by the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of your are probably aware of the minute by minute developments, subsequent recommendations and necessary steps being taken by the Federal and State Governments, Health authorities, Local Governments and all other relevant institutions and businesses to fight against the spread of this serious and deadly virus. We all can understand and appreciate the significance of these decisions and its impact on everyone's lives.  

Keeping in mind AAPTA Inc.'s duty of care to our members, participants, volunteers and the wider community, AAPTA Inc.'s Management Committee has been reviewing and monitoring this situation very closely and actively over the past few days to weeks. In light of the most recent recommendations (e.g. social distancing), AAPTA Management Committee has taken a very difficult and tough yet a very needed decision to cancel all our face to face events (e.g. mock exams, face to face etc.) effective immediately until further notice with a plan to review on a week to week basis.

We will keep you all informed about any changes we may make to this effect. Our decision also fits well with the Australian Physiotherapy Council's decision on suspension of clinical assessments until 30/04/2020 (reference: 

We clearly understand that our decision can impact some or all of you in some or other way and we also understand some will be impacted more than the other. We are still committed to supporting every one of you in every other possible or alternative way we can, to assist you with your exam preparation. Those who are impacted immediately i.e. members who registered to our upcoming events will be contacted individually to discuss the next steps and to explore other ways we can support you. 

Meanwhile, our team is reviewing and exploring other modes of education e.g. webinars to continue to offer ongoing learning opportunities to all of our consumers who believed in us and in our services. We promise to deliver whatever we can in our capacity and ability to bring you alternative modes of learning; we will be in touch with you about this soon once we have a plan to address this gap.  

If you do have concerns, questions or ideas in relation to this change, you are welcome to write to us at [email protected].

Once again, we thank you for your support and understanding; we hope we can all resume our normal life activities as soon as we can once the pandemic is under control. 

Please remember to Hand wash regularly, maintain social distancing, follow cough/sneeze etiquette, avoid non-essential travel or meetings or social visits and do whatever you can (in line with experts recommendations and instructions) to reduce the spread of the virus. 

You can follow the latest updates via this link :

Be safe and take care; let's work together in fighting against COVID-19. 

Happy Preparation! Best Wishes!

Thank you.

AAPTA Management Committee.